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We don't want to just throw a logo on something for you. We want to find the product that will make people feel good about your brand. We want to forge an emotional connection between you and your customers, and turn these items into things that people use and integrate into their lives. That is a winning strategy.

We do this by staying on top of the trends. With over 500,000 promotional items available, the task of finding a product can be daunting! We do the shopping for you and providing you with choices with a custom-tailored product focus. Through our unique consultative approach we guide our clients to choosing a product that will wow. We are there every step of the way, from concept to completion, to ensure a quality product, delivered on time, and at the right price. Our goal is to provide you with a proven and consistent resource for your promotional needs.



We are a boutique advertising specialties agency with big firm experience and a laser focus on our client's needs. We remove the stress from the equation. You are welcome to browse our product offerings, however, put us work for you to source the right product for the right job at the right price. The art of planning is what we do best. We would like to discuss ways to streamline your choices with products that will complement your marketing strategies as well as promote your organization. By the way, we still make house calls!


Truehold Promotions is proud to be a part of Proforma. For more than 35 years, Proforma has developed custom solutions for a diverse customer base in numerous industries. Truehold Promotions, powered by Proforma, stands out from the ordinary because of our commitment to quality and to providing clients with value-added solutions and services.

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